About Eureka Toy & Gift

Commitment to Service

Eureka Toy & Gift was formed in 1984 (originally under the name of Adcock-Dean Associates) in an effort to promote effective partnerships between retailers and manufacturers. The combination of sales, marketing, buying and merchandise management experience provides the foundation for successful sales representation for your company. Our commitment to your company involves maintaining a focused total line representation to our customers and to deliver a creative and aggressive approach to every selling situation.

Understanding the Customer Base

At Eureka Toy and Gift, we pride ourselves in having a close understanding of the long term merchandising of several key customers in each region of our four-state territory. Although our focus is on a stable and broad customer penetration, we never forget that a few key customers will bring in a significant percentage of each region’s potential volume. Unless otherwise directed, we will strive to obtain and maximize the placement of your products to all potential customers in our territory.

Showroom – World Trade Center

Our showroom is located on the 8th floor of the World Trade Center. Having the entrance to our showroom on the main atrium of the WTC will insure that your company and products receive high visibility at all shows.

Focus on Communications

Your sales will be maximized through immediate communication of market changes, promotional opportunities and trends. At Eureka! Toy & Gift, we believe in an up front and honest environment of “No Surprises” . As soon as we know…..you will know.

Professional Follow up and Follow Through

In today’s competitive environment, the difference between winning and losing can often be found in the attention to details. Our experience on “both sides of the selling fence (retail and factory), has trained us to maintain strict attention to all details of your business. In short, your business will receive the professional follow up and follow through needed to be successful into the new millennium. We guarantee it!

A Vision For The Future

As the face of Specialty Toy and Gift retailing continues to undergo change, so must the services provided by manufacturers’ representatives. At Eureka Toy and Gift, we see the future as one where service can never be compromised. Our commitment to having a full sales staff to cover the territory effectively will insure that communication between the manufacturer and the retailer will be delivered with the highest level of attention, honesty and integrity. We pride ourselves on utilizing a fully computerized ordering system and have the capability to provide EDI and Electronic Mail links with our major customers to maximize the business potential and customer communication.